Terms & Conditions

- VAT is charged at the current rate of 20% to customers within the European Community. 

- We accept all type debit & credit cards. Mastercard & Visa for example.
- For card payments, we can either offer the options of paying over the phone or in person. 

- If you do wish to pay over the phone, we would need the Full Card Number, Expiry Date, Issue Number and the card holders Full Name & Address.
- We also accept bank transfers - please contact us for our bank account details. 

Returns/Refund Procedure: 
- Precision Automotive must be informed by email or telephone within 7 days of parts being supplied or work having been carried out that due to this, there has been issue caused by either of the two.
- Please ensure that during your refund/returns claim you provide the invoice number provided to you. This can be located at the top right of your invoice sheet.

- Any parts supplied by the customer will not be covered by us. 

- If the part supplied and fitted does not function as intended (i.e faulty part) then a full refund will be provided to the customer unless the customer would like the part replaced/repaired. This is for the buyer/seller to agree upon.

- Any work carried out below average will be correct by one of the team free of charge; if this is due to a part supplied by Precision Automotive.
- Any items which have been amended, modified or tampered with from their original specification will not be credited under an circumstance. Any amendments or modifications carried out in an effort to install items are done so purely at the end user's risk. 

- We reserve the right to refuse any exchange units or refunds. Parts returned which are considered to be in a unusable condition will be declined for return. Any parts which do not cause issue/further issues will be declined for a return/refund. If said part is able to be repaired or reconditioned then there could be exceptions.